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Handbuilding / Single Workshop
EGP 750
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The workshop is an introduction to the world of pottery. You’ll get to prepare clay & make your own pots.

• Course Details:
Each workshop is 3 hours long in a group. The workshop introduces you to the methods of pottery making starting by Handbuilding method(s).
Hands on clay starts at preparing clay then shaping clay into your desired pots; which could be mug, bowl, plate, candle holder or whatever your imagination can reach!

Duration per session: 3 hrs
*Age: Adults (16+)
*Terms & Conditions apply

*Deposit required for reservation

Methods of payment:

  • Cash at the studio
  • Online via website
  • Online bank transfer
  • Vodafone cash to 01000540019
  • Shouf application

For inquiries contact us

Terms & conditions:


  1. Fees are Non-refundable.
  2. The course includes:
    1. 1 Kg of clay & its firing
  3. Students are allowed for 1 class cancellation only, otherwise the class would be counted.
  4. A class can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the class, otherwise the class is counted.
  5. A deposit should be paid before the course up to 3 days before the course starts.
  6. Arrival delays are allowed up to 15 minutes only.
  7. Group classes start by a minimum of 2 students; if less than 2 students, then the class is cancelled automatically.
  8. Any updates should be announced on Instagram “Fokhara Studio”
  9. Pottery pieces’ firing depend on the studio’s firing schedule.
  10. Any cracked, broken, unstable pots will not be fired in the kiln.
  11. Glazed pots should be cleaned wherever it is in contact with the kiln.
  12. Extra clay can be purchased from the studio and that would require:
    1. Students to provide a bucket of their own for recycling their excess clay.
    2. Pots’ firing requires extra charges depending on the size.
  13. Leave your place clean.
  14. Washup from clay at designated sink as shown at the studio.
  15. Store your pots on the designated shelves.
  16. Uncollected pots for a period more than 1 month would be disposed to save storage place.
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